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Architectural guide HongKong - m-che.ru

Группа авторов Architekturführer Innsbruck / Architectural guide Innsbruck

Журнал Architectural Digest,№9 AD Журнал Architectural Digest,№9

Журнал Architectural Digest,№9

130 RUR
Журнал Architectural Digest,№9 AD

AD / Журнал Architectural Digest,№9 / похожие


Francis D. K. Ching Architectural Graphics

The bestselling guide to architectural drawing, with new information, examples, and resources Architectural Graphics is the classic bestselling reference by one of the leading global authorities on architectural design drawing, Francis D.K. Ching. Now in its sixth edition, this essential guide offers a comprehensive introduction to using graphic tools and drafting conventions to translate architectural ideas into effective visual presentations, using hundreds of the author's distinctive drawings to illustrate the topic effectively. This updated edition includes new information on orthographic projection in relation to 3D models, and revised explanations of line weights, scale and dimensioning, and perspective drawing to clarify some of the most difficult concepts. New examples of modern furniture, APA facilities, and presentation layout provide more up-to-date visuals, and the Reference Center features all new animations, videos, and practice exercises. Architectural graphics are key tools for conveying design through representation on paper or on screen, and this book is the ultimate guide to mastering the skill, then applying your talent to create more effective design communication. Understand multiview, paraline, and perspective drawing Master interior sections using a variety of techniques Render tonal value, enhance depth, and convey illumination Develop professional-quality layouts for presentations Architectural graphics both inform the design process and serve as the means by which a design is interpreted and built. Complete mastery of the tools and conventions is essential to the successful outcome of any project, and mistakes can cause confusion, time delays, increased costs, and possible catastrophe. Architectural Graphics is the comprehensive guide to professional architectural drawing, with insight from a leading authority in the field.

4169.8 RUR

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Alexander Görlach Brennpunkt Hongkong

Sollte es uns Hoffnung machen, dass die Menschen in Hongkong für die Demokratie ihr Leben aufs Spiel setzen? Oder wird dort der globale Sieg der Autokratie besiegelt?
Egal ob in Amerika, Europa oder Asien: Überall auf der Welt erleben wir den Aufstieg von rechtem Populismus und autokratischen Systemen. Die Zukunft der Demokratie steht auf dem Spiel. Nirgendwo wird dies so deutlich wie in Hongkong. Wie verhält sich der Westen dazu? Stehen wir den Menschen bei? Oder knicken wir ein vor der wirtschaftlichen Macht Chinas? Alexander Görlach kennt die Situation in Hongkong wie kaum ein anderer. Für ihn ist klar: Viele schauen mit Bewunderung auf die Prosperität Chinas und die vermeintlich schnelle Umsetzung von Entscheidungen. Doch in Hongkong wird deutlich, was ein Flirt mit autokratischen Staaten in Zukunft auch für uns bedeuten kann.

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Stephen Emmitt Handbook for the Architectural Manager

The essential resource for becoming more effective in the highly competitive architectural marketplace Handbook for the Architectural Manager offers architects a comprehensive resource that brings together critical information on four interlinked areas: managing the architectural office, projects, stakeholders, and learning. Unlike other books on the topic that only stress management of the business or the management of projects, this book offers a guiding framework that encompasses the architectural manager's role in developing the practice’s competitive strategies and overseeing the project portfolio. Written by noted experts in the field, Handbook for the Architectural Manager is grounded in current research in which, for the first time, the components of architectural management have been analyzed systematically, tested, and developed for practical application. Designed to explore typical architectural management issues, the book provides clear and concise direction with practical step-by-step guidance as well as helpful checklists, templates and scenarios, and case studies to illustrate best practice. This essential resource: Offers a groundbreaking handbook that contains a comprehensive management framework for architectural practice Contains new insights and guidance based on solid research on managing the architectural practice Brings together in one book the best management techniques of the office, projects, stakeholders, and learning Includes a well-grounded critical review of the existing literature on the topic Designed for professionals in the field but written in accessible language suitable for students Handbook for the Architectural Manager offers a practical guide for overseeing the development of architectural designs and associated activities and ensuring all work is consistent (i.e. adheres to current standards, legislation, client specifications, and office protocols) and completed on time as well as information on staff development and learning.

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Ламинат Sensa by Classen Urban Ultimate Hongkong 47284 1286х243х10 мм

Ламинат Sensa by Classen Urban Ultimate Hongkong 47284 1286х243х10 мм станет отличным вариантом для оформления пространств самых разных габаритов, а также прекрасным выбором для обустройства современных интерьеров. Структурная поверхность покрытия позволит в полной мере ощутить изысканность помещений. Без фаски. Класс износостойкости 32. В упаковке 6 штук общей площадью 1,875 м2. Вес упаковки составляет 16 кг.

1221 RUR
Urban Ultimate Hongkong 47284 1286х243х10 мм Sensa by Classen

Sensa by Classen / Urban Ultimate Hongkong 47284 1286х243х10 мм / похожие


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Guides - DOM publishers – Books made by Architects

The architectural guides by DOM publishers are far more than just studious architectural reference books – they are expedition guides into the unknown and give way to new perspectives on a sometimes foreign world. Furthermore, they help to understand that the architecture of a city is more than the sum of its attractions.

Student Guide — Archisoup | Architecture Guides & Resources

Architecture Software Guide. Everything you need to know about architecture software and how to choose the best program for you and your workflow. Architectural Scale Guide. Understanding architectural drawing scales. Understanding Schematic Design. How does it fit into the design process? Brick dimensions . A detailed breakdown on brick dimensions, sizes, types and bonds . Architectural ...

The Architect's Guide | Informed Advice And Product Reviews

Your guide to a successful career in architecture. The Architect's Guide. The Architect's Guide. Resources / Blog / Product Reviews / About Brandon / Contact / Architecture Career Advice and Product Reviews. Professional guidance, expert info, helpful tools and more. Hi there, welcome to my site! I am Brandon Hubbard. As an industry professional, I share my advice and experience working as an ...

Architecture City Guide | Tag | ArchDaily

An Architectural Guide to Nantes: The French City of Weird and Wonderful Art July 20, 2018 Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne featuring Paysage Glisse by Tact Architectes and Tangui Robert.

Pevsner Architectural Guides - Wikipedia

The Pevsner Architectural Guides are a series of guide books to the architecture of Great Britain and Ireland. Begun in the 1940s by the art historian Sir Nikolaus Pevsner, the 46 volumes of the original Buildings of England series were published between 1951 and 1974. The series was then extended to Scotland, Wales and Ireland in the late 1970s. Most of the English volumes have had second ...

.NET Application Architecture Guides

.NET Architecture Guides. Learn how to build production-ready .NET apps with free application architecture guidance. Microservices. Build resilient, scalable, and independently deployable microservices using .NET and Docker. DevOps. DevOps and application lifecycle best practices for your .NET applications. Modernizing web & server . Options for modernizing your existing web and server ...

Young Architect Guide: 9 Essential Books on Architectural ...

Young Architect Guide: 9 Essential Books on Architectural Detailing and Construction . These architecture reference books have proven their worth for the way they illustrate information. Ross Brady. Tools; Architizer Journal is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. When it comes to reference books, architects probably have it ...

The 50 Best Architecture Books - The Architect's Guide

Architecture: Residential Drafting and Design provides comprehensive instruction on traditional and computer-based methods of preparing architectural working drawings in addition to coverage of design and construction principles and methods. It is organized around the design-building process, a logical way for students to easily learn.

Home - Guiding Architects

Guiding Architects ist das weltweit größte Netzwerk für Architekturführungen. Unsere Mitglieder bieten professionell organisierte Architekturführungen in 41 Städten in 22 Ländern an, geleitet von erfahrenen lokalen Architekten.

How to Photograph Architecture: The Complete Guide

This guide will teach you about the basics of and give you some architecture photography tips to help you excel. What Is Architectural photography? Architecture photography (also referred to as building photography or structure photography) generally means photography that focuses on buildings. It can include shooting building exteriors and ...

Berlin - The Architecture Guide (Architecture Guides ...

The present architecture guide provides access to this structural spectrum. Three proven experts guide the reader through all the historical architectural eras - from the middle ages right through to the present. The chronological sequence and the high-quality color photos clearly reflect the typical characteristic of every era. As well as approximately 500 individual buildings, the most ...

Yale University Press - Pevsner Architectural Guides

About Pevsner Guides "The greatest endeavour of popular architectural scholarship in the world." —Jonathan Meades, The Observer The Pevsner Architectural Guides, were begun in 1951 by the architectural historian Sir Nikolaus Pevsner (1902-83) with the aim of providing an up-to-date portable guide to the most significant buildings in every part of the country, suitable for both general reader ...

Best Architecture Software Review and Guide — Archisoup ...

Guide To The Best Architecture Software & Programs. Archisoup is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Architecture programmes and design software. The output and production of the architecture industry has been revolutionized, and continuously developed through technology and advancements in computer software. The way ...

125 Best Architecture Books | ArchDaily

Guides. Architecture: Form, Space and Order / Francis D. K. Ching. This book systematically and exhaustively analyzes the foundations of architectural form, space, and arrangement based on ...

Cloud Application Architecture Guide

Architecture Guide This guide presents a structured approach for designing cloud applications that are scalable, resilient, and highly available. The guidance in this ebook is intended to help your architectural decisions regardless of your cloud platform, though we will be using Azure so we can share the best practices that we have learned from many years of customer engagements. In the ...

Architecture For Dummies Cheat Sheet - dummies

Architecture Terms. You’re standing in front of the Parthenon or some other great work of architecture. The tour guide next to you starts talking about “orders.” You’re ready to put in your lunch request until you realize that she’s referring to the architecture. The terms in the following list can help you understand architectural ...

Guide to studying Architecture - Complete University Guide

What is An Architecture degree brings together elements of maths, art and design, management, logistics, mechanics, physics and city planning., what qualifications do you need and why study An Architecture degree brings together elements of maths, art and design, management, logistics, mechanics, physics and city planning.. Our comprehensive guide will help with Key information including a ...

gps architecture online guide 01 – japan – free online ...

free online architecture guide. the aomori contemporary art centre was conceived by tadao ando in 1999 and completed in 2001. the structures that made up the centre were built on separate small plots deep within an area of dense woodland not far from the town centre.

Architecture | WBDG - Whole Building Design Guide

A Candid Guide to the Profession) Roger K. Lewis illustrates that architects balance ideas, form, and function. Photo Credit: Roger K. Lewis. Beginning in the seventeenth century, with the rise of professionalism, the discipline of architecture became increasingly specialized. With the nineteenth century expansion of scientific knowledge, the evolution of other technically oriented disciplines ...

The Builder’s Guide to Architectural Drawings | 2020 | MT ...

The Builder’s Guide to Architectural Drawings. blueprints Jul 15, 2020. An architectural drawing is the technical rendering of a house or other structure that is both an illustration of what the final home will look like and also a tool used by engineers, contractors, designers, and builders to execute the construction. Architects use these drawings to develop their design idea into a ...

architectural guide - Deutsch-Übersetzung – Linguee Wörterbuch

T h e Architectural Guide (s ee Documentation) will be implemented [...] by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) under the guidance of the controlling Architect to ensure that all building work contributes to the architectural integrity of the Estate.

Azure Application Architecture Guide - Azure Architecture ...

The Azure Application Architecture Guide is organized as a series of steps, from the architecture and design to implementation. For each step, there is supporting guidance that will help you with the design of your application architecture.

Download +500 Best Architecture Books Legally free ...

Download Best Architecture Books for free: No doubt that reading is the simplest way for humans to derive and constructing meaning in order to gain a particular knowledge from a source. This tendency has been digitized when books evolve into digital media equivalent – E-Books. This week we bring to you some best architecture books that are available for free online, you may download more ...

2 Architectural Styles

This guide is an introduction to some of the most significant architectural styles employed during the past 150 years of Manitoba’s history. There are two other sections—building traditions and types, and a glossary of architectural terms—that constitute a complete set for reference. This section, Styles, describes those sophisticated styles that were most influential in this province ...

AutoCAD Architecture-Toolset | Planungssoftware für ...

AutoCAD und das Architecture-Toolset unterstützen Hochbauunternehmen bei der Planung von Stahlgebäuden – von landwirtschaftlichen Lagerhallen und Reithallen bis hin zu Büros. Bericht lesen (Englisch) Bild mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Borga . Weitere Erfolgsgeschichten anzeigen (Englisch) Kaufen Vertriebsteam kontaktieren +49 89 412 09 994 | +43 72 088 4496 (Österreich) Product name ...

The Architectural Guide

The Architectural Guide. The 5 Most Inspirational Buildings on Planet Earth. The world is full of so many simply stunning buildings. Whilst a photo may paint a thousand words, one photo is never enough to sum up the beauty of these exquisite buildings. The following buildings are an example of the power of imagination; they are a symbol of progression; they symbolise countless hours, hard work ...

Software Architecture Guide - Martin Fowler

Software Architecture Guide. When people in the software industry talk about “architecture”, they refer to a hazily defined notion of the most important aspects of the internal design of a software system. A good architecture is important, otherwise it becomes slower and more expensive to add new capabilities in the future. Like many in the software world, I’ve long been wary of the term ...

Guide to Architectural Drawing

Posts Tagged Guide to Architectural Drawing. Approach to Architectural Drawing. Posted by Architect in Architectural Drawing on October 29, 2011 . Introduction to the Approach to Architectural Drawing. We are beginning with a new tab on “Architectural Drawing”. We will cover a wide range of topics regarding Architectural Drawing which will help Architecture and Engineering students to ...

Architecture Degrees: Courses Structure, Specializations ...

Architecture topics. A typical architecture degree will start with core architecture courses designed to give you essential grounding in the history of architecture and current trends, as well as introducing you to key research methods, laws and regulations, conservation and sustainability issues, and modules to hone your analytical and numerical skills.

Architectural Designs | Architectural Styles | AD India

Check out the best architectural designs & architectural styles at Architectural Digest India to design your interiors, with modern trending styles balancing your key elements.

The South of Russia. Architectural Guide

Architectural Guide. Buildings of the Soviet Avant-Garde 1922-1936. DOM Publishers; 2021; Taschenbuch; 200 Seiten; ISBN 9783869223049; Vorbestellen. 38,00 € inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand. Am 25.02.2021 Stichwörter. Architektur; Russland; Moderne; Sowjetmoderne; Ähnliche Bücher mehr. eng. Raised to the Trade: Creole Building Arts of New Orleans. PELICAN PUB CO; 2003; Taschenbuch; 160 Seiten 34 ...

architectural guide | Übersetzung Englisch-Deutsch

dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'architectural guide' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen, ...

Der Gentleman (Architectural Guides): Amazon.de: Roetzel ...

Der Gentleman (Architectural Guides) | Roetzel, Bernhard, Beer, Günter | ISBN: 9783895086373 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.

Learn | AutoCAD Architecture | Autodesk Knowledge Network

If you have previously accomplished your architectural tasks with AutoCAD and want to transition to AutoCAD Architecture, you will find that using tools specifically designed for architects provides additional productivity and benefits over the AutoCAD d. March 23, 2017. Managing Your Drawings . Managing Your Drawings. Product Documentation. Learn to work with the drawing management ...

Architecture styles - Azure Application Architecture Guide ...

Architecture styles as constraints. An architecture style places constraints on the design, including the set of elements that can appear and the allowed relationships between those elements. Constraints guide the "shape" of an architecture by restricting the universe of choices. When an architecture conforms to the constraints of a particular ...

Barcelona architecture 😨 Selektion toller Varianten

Barcelona architecture - Unsere Auswahl unter der Menge an analysierten Barcelona architecture! Auf welche Kauffaktoren Sie zuhause bei der Auswahl Ihres Barcelona architecture achten sollten! Unsere Redakteure begrüßen Sie als Leser auf unserer Seite. Wir als Seitenbetreiber haben es uns zum Lebensziel gemacht, Alternativen unterschiedlichster Art ausführlichst zu testen, damit Käufer ...

Architectural Guide Specification | ATAS International, Inc.

Request an Architectural Guide Specification. Do you need assistance in creating an architectural guide spec? ATAS can help you! Use the button to the right to send an email with all the information you need included in your specifications. An ATAS employee will be in contact with you to clarify your needs before sending you a completed specification. Request a Spec. BSD SpecLink-E. BSD ...

Architectural Acoustics A Guide To Integrated Thinking ...

Architectural Acoustics A Guide To Integrated Thinking 1859466362 By Raj Patel file : The Valley of Fear: By Arthur Conan Doyle - Illustrated B074G5GP6P by Arthur Conan Doyle En la ciudad lÃÂ-quida 8415451849 by Marta-Ingrid Rebón RodrÃÂguez The Mistake B076DLYD43 by Shanna Brewer La vÃa dinámica de la meditación 8492470224 by Vichitr Ratna Dhiravamsa Fire in Frost ...

Munich architecture: Alle TOP Modelle unter der Lupe

Munich + Bavaria: The Architecture Guide: 24,90€ 2: Franz Mayer of Munich: Architecture, Glass, Art – Mayer'sche Hofkunstanstalt: 49,90€ 3: Living in Style Munich (Styleguides) 37,99€ 4: Cool Munich - Art, Architecture, Design (AAD),86€ 5: Topotek 1: Eine Landschaftsskulptur für München / A Landscape Sculpture for Munich: 44,95€ 6: Munich - Architecture & Design (and guide) 14,90 ...

Architectural Style Guide | Washington State Department of ...

Architectural Style Guide Washington State Styles and Forms: 1860–1990 General Architectural Style/Form Guides: Baker, John Milnes. American House Styles: A Concise Guide. The Sarabande Press. New York, NY, 1994. Blumenson, John J.-G. Identifying American Architecture: A Pictorial Guide to Styles and Terms, 1600-1945. W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.

12 beliebte Munich architecture verglichen 😍 Modelle im ...

Die Redaktion hat im genauen Munich architecture Test uns die relevantesten Artikel angeschaut und alle nötigen Eigenschaften zusammengetragen. Das Team vergleicht eine Vielzahl an Eigenschaften und geben jedem Kandidat am Ende eine entscheidene Note. Gerade der Sieger sticht von allen ausgewerteten Munich architecture stark hervor und konnte sozusagen bedingungslos gewinnen.

Munich architecture 🧡 Schnell stöbern

Munich - Architecture & Design (and guide) Richtlinien und Normen für die visuelle Gestaltung: Die Spiele der XX. Olympiade München 1972 (NIGGLI EDITIONS) Munich: The Monocle Travel Guide Series Auf welche Faktoren Sie zuhause vor dem Kauf Ihres Munich architecture achten sollten! Unser Testerteam wünscht Ihnen als Kunde nun eine Menge Spaß mit Ihrem Munich architecture! Alle in der ...

Guide to app architecture | Android Developers

Guide to app architecture. This guide encompasses best practices and recommended architecture for building robust, production-quality apps. This page assumes a basic familiarity with the Android Framework. If you are new to Android app development, check out our Developer guides to get started and learn more about the concepts mentioned in this guide. If you're interested in app architecture ...

Architectural Publicity Guide Austria - samtecharchipicss ...

Les sensé de l’architecture - Best Video Streams; Archipics Videos 2011; Archipics Videos 2010; Home improvement – Architectural Links Lake Garda Net; Architectural Publicity Guide Austria; Raumplanung Einst und Heute – Historische Ansichten 1910 bis 1940; Garden Architecture and Invitations 2011; Garden Architecture and Invitations 2010

Die besten Iceland architecture verglichen: Modelle im Test

The Rough Guide to Southeast Asia On A Budget (Travel Guide eBook) Welche Punkte es vor dem Kaufen Ihres Iceland architecture zu beurteilen gilt! Im Folgenden sehen Sie als Kunde unsere Liste der Favoriten an Iceland architecture, wobei Platz 1 den oben genannten Favoriten ausmacht.

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Osamu A. Wakita The Professional Practice of Architectural Working Drawings

The detailed, highly illustrated, comprehensive guide to architectural working drawings The Professional Practice of Architectural Working Drawings is a complete guide to the skills you need to create a set of drawings that clearly and effectively communicate your design. Covering everything from site, floor, framing, and foundation plans to building sections and elevations, this book presents crucial concepts and real-world techniques architects rely on every day. You'll learn the standards, customs, regulations, and symbols, alongside computer-generated drawings, 3D modeling, Building Information Modeling, and other architectural technology. This new fifth edition includes updated information on sustainability concepts, layering systems in line with AIA standards, deeper explorations of dimensioning, more sample ADA drawings, and a new selection of case studies that offer a real-world glimpse into how these topics relate to the architect's everyday work. Hundreds of drawings demonstrate important skills and concepts, and online ancillary materials offer a robust set of resources to students and instructors. Architectural drawings must be precise, accurate, and complete; they must follow certain standards that make them universally understood in the proper context. This book teaches you how to produce professional-level drawings that leave no room for questions or confusion. Create architectural drawings that effectively communicate your design Learn techniques used in both residential and light commercial projects Investigate BIM, 3D modeling, and other architectural technologies Understand dimensioning, sustainability, ADA standards, and more Architects use drawings as a second language, to effectively communicate ideas to clients, contractors, builders, and other design professionals throughout all stages of the project. The Professional Practice of Architectural Working Drawings teaches you how to become fluent in the visual language of architecture, to communicate more effectively with all project stakeholders.

11995.38 RUR

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Michael Ermann Architectural Acoustics Illustrated

Unite the science of sound and the principles of design to enhance any space Architectural Acoustics Illustrated translates the quantitative and qualitative content of acoustics into the graphic language of architecture. This highly-visual guide includes over 350 illustrations that outline the physics of sound and the best design practices for limiting or mitigating noise in buildings by using the latest in materials and techniques. Each chapter includes a summary checklist of design guidelines to help prevent mistakes and oversights, and the Instructor's website offers video animations demonstrating acoustical concepts. Designed as a «first look» at the interaction of sound and space, the book explains the principles of architectural acoustics and their practical applications, providing a comprehensive guide for designing with acoustics in mind. Architectural acoustics is more than just concert halls – it may determine building placement, division of interior space, exterior construction, and even siting. When addressed early in the design process, the resulting space can be free of unwanted sound and promote good hearing; if left unaddressed, the problems with the space can lead to lawsuits and costly post-construction remediation. Architectural Acoustics Illustrated helps designers solve most acoustical problems in advance, by enabling readers to: Understand the physical science underlying the behavior of sound Consider the interactions of sound and space in the initial design approach Mitigate building sounds such as those produced by HVAC and plumbing with early design planning Design spaces for listening, and incorporate acoustics best practices into every plan The highly visual format of the book helps readers grasp complex concepts quickly, and thorough discussion of each concept's real-world application ties the science directly into the design process. All design professionals need to have a fundamental understanding of acoustics, and Architectural Acoustics Illustrated is a comprehensive, practical guide in an easy-to-read format.

8165.92 RUR

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m-che.ru — Каталог цен и описаний на компьютерную и бытовую технику, товары для офис и дома, электронику, товаров для сада и дачи. Мы занимаемся поиском лучших цен в интернет магазинах по всей России, знаем где купить Architectural guide HongKong по оптимальной цене в онлайн-магазинах. На нашем сайте m-che.ru предоставлена вся необходимая информация для правильной покупки Architectural guide HongKong — фотографии товаров, отзывы пользователей, поиск по модели и производителю, наименованию или модели, инструкции по эксплуатации, а так же экспертные обзоры, сайты предлагающие покупу онлайн с доставкой заказа в ваш город.